Children of the Cross

by jim bailey

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    Well this was my third Childrens worship album.

    Some very strong songs from some very amazing God experiences. .
    Working with the flipping brilliant Mark Edwards. we finally Got "my sound" a eclactic fusion of music and some great songs that 13 years later i still love to listen too.

    Pdf contains all original artwork, cd album jewel case front & back covers, insert booklet, cd face Plus all the music scores for all songs.

    Bonus Movie of as for me and my house with dance & sign language actions 2004

    Immediate download of 12-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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Jims job is a songwriter of children's praise & worship songs. I have decided for the start of this new venture not to charge but am leaving it it for you to decide what these songs are worth to you personally. For some they will be new. for lots of people these songs will take them back to their childhood.

Enjoy the songs, enjoy the memories

God Bless


cross rhythms Review 1 Dec 1997. Rated : 9 out of 10
Reviewed by Trevor Kirk

I must confess that my heart sank a little when the latest package from the Greybearded One landed on my mat. More kid's schlock I thought, looking at the angelically-featured little blonde-haired girl on the CD sleeve. But then I remembered that Jim Bailey's previous album got a good review; when I checked in CR33 I found that it got a perfect 10. So I shoved this CD in the player and hoped that I wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't, not by a long chalk. This is labelled "A Family Album", intended to be enjoyed by kids as well as adults, and this 50 year old was very impressed; 12 songs, over 48 minutes of music and never a dull moment. Every song is different in style, no cringeworthy kids with seriously bad arrangements: Cedarmont this ain't! There's funky rock, acoustic ditto, Jars Of Clay-type indie, Celtic stompers, gentle acoustic ballads, and even the obligatory "silly song" is a delight, 'cos Jim sends himself up something rotten, and also, it's fun! "The ultimate family album" might be marketing hype, but until something better comes along, I'll settle for this. And unlike some other stuff I could mention, this is gonna get played over and over.


released June 6, 1997

Jim Bailey : lead vocals
Mark Edwards : Keyboards, Hammond, Loops, Programming, Special weird noises
Colin Walker : engineer, Mixer
Kevin Jamison : Bass, Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dave Clifton: Electric , Acoustic, High strung Guitars & Mandolin
Tom Gordon : drums & Percussion
Ben Castle : Tenor sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute
Julian Nicholas : Tenor sax, Flagelot !
Kjell Berglund Trumpet
Neil Corin : Accordion, Percusion,
Childrens Choir conducter : Jim Bailey
Childrens Choir : David Cassell, Hayley & Jeni-Lisa Cottrell, Lucy Crocker, Nathaniel Jones, Tim & Megan Olney, Matthew Tucker
Backing Vocals : Jim Bailey, Maggie Weavwe, Louise Carter, Israel Irmani, Shane Rootes
Duet on 2 are better than 1 : Maggie Weavwe
Mark Edwards : producer
Colin Walker Mixed & produced this album June 1997 , Clarion Studios, Brighton.
Denis Blackman : Mastering @ County Masters



all rights reserved
Track Name: Jesus He's got it
God came down from a mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
He said " I'm giving You My word,
Jesus is His name"

He's got it, Yeah baby He's got it
He is Jesus the Messiah, My desire

God sent His Spirit like a dove
Upon the Son the power came
Now the blind would see
Now the captive would be freed
All in Jesus name

He's got it, Yeah baby He's got it
He is Jesus the Messiah, My desire
Track Name: Children of the cross
Acts 2 v 17 v 39 / Psalm 8
God is raising up an army
Made of those who are still young
God is lifting up their voices
through the weak He'll shame the strong
It's been prophesied they will prophesy
Gods salvation they will show
For the promise is to the children
To our daughters to our sons

Children of the cross, a shining example
Children of the cross are singing His praise
Children of the cross are silencing the enemy
Children of the Cross are saying the Lord saves
Track Name: Take My word for it
I've seen some strange things in my time
things a man shouldn't see
Like the magic of Egypt & all it's weird sorcery
There's not much can surprise me
but I had to take a second look
there calling out my name was a talking burning bush

It said " Hey this is God here, I've got a job for you to do
go down to Egypt see old Pharaoh &
tell him his time is nearly through
I said wh..wh wh..what me Lord
God said you
your on a mission
Moses I am sending you

Take my word for it
Take my word for it
believe me when I say
I hear you when you pray
Take my word

for i will go with you
I'll never let you down so go now
go now and take my word
Track Name: Enable Your servants
Give me a heart of compassion
Give a hope for the lost
Give me a passion for those who are broken and down
Lord I am ready and willing to serve the weak and the young
Help me to put into action the words of this song

And enable your servants
Enable your servants to preach good news, to preach good news

We’ll sing the songs of salvation
Boldly we’ll speak out your word
We’ll let them know by our lives we will show You are Lord
We’ll tell them all about Jesus
We’ll tell them all about You
We’re not ashamed of the Gospel or what it can do

And enable your servants
Enable your servants to preach good news, to preach good news
Enable your servants
Enable your servants to preach good news, to preach good news

Were moving forward together
As one voice boldly proclaim
Old and the young will be strong and we’ll lift up your name
Onto the streets to the people
Every man woman and child
And as we go you are with us
You’ve given your power

And enabled your servants
Enabled your servants to preach good news
To preach good news
Preach good news to the weak and the young
Preach good news to the broken and down
Track Name: Colours of Salvation
Gold was was the colour of that first day
Radiant yellow of sunrise
They ran in the beauty of all God had made
They hue of His love in their eyes
Black was the fear that darkened the door
Eclipsing the truth of all gone before
Obsidian lies blinding all of mankind
Colouring our judgement
to be colour blind

Red was the cross
Crimson the blood flowing from Jesus
He broke the curse of the Cardinal sin
He rose from the dead to free us
White was the light pure & pristine
Illuminating us making us clean
Sin red as scarlet now washed white as snow
God showed his true colours
and salvation showed

The colours of salvation
Redeeming the past
flowed into one
through God's holy son
when the colours were nailed to the mast

Green is the growth of new birth
A springtime of loves celebration
An emerald light that commands us to go
and troop the colours of salvation
Blue is for Heaven our final home
Where with flying colours around the royal throne
We'll unfurl forever our final hope
And worship in colours not even known
Track Name: The stationary song
God's rubbered out all my mistakes
He's erased all my sin
He's the ruler of creation
No-one measures up to Him
His word gets me straight to the point
I'm sharpener every day
I'm reminded of this from the contents of my pencil case

My pencil case My pencil case
I'm reminded of this from the
contents of my pencil case
My pencil case My pencil case
I'm reminded of this from the
contents of my pencil case

I am never stationary
Always moving on
I've felt the tip of His love
Now I know that God's right on
His love's compassed about me
I'm stapled to His grace
I'm reminded of this from the contents
Of my pencil case
Track Name: Out of the mouths
Out of the mouths of children & babes
God has ordained perfect praise
Out of the mouths of children & babes
God has ordained perfect praise
Out of the mouths
Out of the mouths
Out of the mouths
Out of the mouths of children & babes
Can you hear what the children are saying
Can you hear the song they sing
Do you know it is praise they are bringing
As they glorify the king
God has purified their worship
Has ordained holy noise
Their melody quietens the enemy
God has lifted up their voice
Track Name: Two are better than one
Adam in the garden, It was his earthly home
God said" it's not good for man to be alone
No helper could be found, though God searched far & wide
So He formed Eve from a rib out of Adams side

Two are better then One
When one falls down the other
Can be relied upon
Two are better than one
Two are better than one

This is now flesh of my flesh, this is bone of my bone
She shall be called woman, We will build a home
God was in the centre, right at the very start
Sin within caused God & man to be torn apart

Relationships are broken
It's niot how it's meant to be
God looked down from Heaven
From His trinity
Said to His son Jesus
would you reconcile for me
The cost was great He knew His fate
The cross of Calvery

God in our relationships is the only way
Get your house in order, I hear the spirit say
Listen to the words that the Lord your God has spoken
A cord of 3 strands is not a cord thats easily broken
Track Name: The last word
Moses went down to see Pharaoh
He said "let my people go"
Moses went down to see Pharaoh
all Pharaoh could say was "no"
Moses turned his staff to a snake &
He turned the Nile into blood
Pharaoh be fair oh let my people go
Pharaoh said"no", when he shouldn't have

Moses went down to see Pharaoh
Pharaoh wasn't in a good mood
He told Moses to "hop it" & threatened Moses He'd sue
Moses gave him a flea in the ear
He bugged him got under his skin
Pharaoh cried pass the insecticide
Moses laughed there we no flies on him

Oh Pharaoh let me people go
will you ever know God His power will show
Oh pharaoh will will you ever learn, have you never heard God always has the last word

Moses went down to see Pharaoh
Pharaoh was not very pleased
He came to boiling point
When Egypt got mad cow disease
God through Moses was not finished
afflicted with terrible sores
Pharaoh was to see God is bigger than him
and that it never rains it just pours

Moses went down to see Pharaoh
Hail Pharaoh he said tounge in cheek
Locusts are coming to finish the job
Devour all there is left to eat
Then darkness will cover the land
Just because you can not see
Your firstborn will die
due to your stubborn pride
And my people they will be set free
Track Name: As for me & my House
As for me and my house
As for me and my family
As for me and my children
We will serve the Lord
As for me and my house
As for me and my family
As for me and my children
We will serve the Lord

In this family
We are going to do things properly
read God's word every day
And then we'll try to pray
Although we get it wrong
We will still carry on
Make Jesus number one
In this place
In this place we're gonna say grace