All Over again : The best of Jim Bailey so far 1994​-​2000

by jim bailey

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    A best of album of Jim Baileys songs 1994-2000. including one new track.

    All of the songs were from the previous albums, Kingdom Kids, Gods gang & children of the cross & are listed but not uploaded as that just uploading the same song twice.

    In the description is a track listing that include original album that the songs were taken from

    Cross Rhythms review 8 out of 10 // 1st October 2000

    Reviewed by James Carpenter

    The 13 old tracks combined superbly with the one new one. I had an enjoyable experience when I attended his Kingdom Creative session at Spring Harvest. And like there, the songs on this CD are catchy, extremely energetic and some are very wacky! (The camels in particular!) The Spicy Camels are a bunch of hilarious puppets that sing "We Three Kings". Before the track they beg Jim to allow them to sing the carol but with "the funky camel mix". It is pretty funky! This album takes innocent looking songs and turns them into fun, exciting, learning, moral sort of songs. A must-have for bouncy, energetic kids. James Carpenter (aged 10)

    itunes review 27 Feb 2008 Netty B
    Help I am addicted to Jim Bailey. I only heard about Jim Bailey a month ago. Now I am hooked, Catchy tunes, inspirational lyrics and a great guy!.
    Adults and children will be dancing and singing non-stop. Buy this and i am sure you will be searching for more Jimmy Boy

    Jim is available for praise parties and live altogether worship family show & children's ministry training
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1. song of liberty ( from do you wanna be in God's gang)
2.I am fearfully & wonderfully made ( from Kingdom Kids)
3. I'm gonna walk by faith ( from Kingdom Kids )
4. Remember your creator ( from Kingdom kids)
5. Pressed down shaken together ( from Kingdom Kids)
6. The fruity song ( from do you wanna be in Gods gang))
7. Jonah, Jonah a fishy tail ( from do you want to be in God's gang)
8. We three camels ( from stonkin Christmas mix)
9. Angels from the realms of glory ( from stonkin Christmas mix)
10. children of the cross ( from children of the cross)
11. The colours of salvation ( from children of the cross)
12. God is my shepherd ( from Kingdom Kids)
13. As for me & my house ( from children of the cross)
14. All over again ( from all over again)


released June 6, 2000



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Track Name: All Over again
Will You love me all over again
Please forgive me , all over again
Be my best friend
Be my best friend
Be my best friend
Be my best friend
and over again